Zakład Materiałów Proszkowych i Kompozytowych

Spark Plasma Sintering Furnace (SPS)


Type HP D 5 (FCT Systeme GmbH)

Pressing force 3 - 50 kN
Max. diameter of a graphite mould 30 mm
Operating temperature up to 2200°C
Atmosphere vacuum or argon
Heating modes continuous/pulse


High-energy planetary mills

  Planetary mill
Pulverisette 7 (Fritsch)
Planetary mill
PM 400 (Retsch)
rotary speed to 1000 rev/min to 400 rev/min
Cryogenic ball mill CryoMill (Retsch)
Frequency 3-25 Hz
milling at a temperature of liquid nitrogen


Laser particle sizer NanoTec Analysette 22 (Fritsch)

Analysis of grain size distribution by X-ray diffraction technique
Dry measurement within a range of 0,1 – 2000 µm
Wet measurement within a range of 0,01 – 2000 µm
Possibility of using different disperging liquids, e.g. water, glycol, glycerine


X-ray diffractometer XRD 7 ( Seifert-FPM)

Identification of phase composition based on PDF-2 catalogue data from ICDD
Texture determination from pole figures and inverse plot figures 
Measurements of the size of crystallites and stresses based on a profile and position of the X-ray diffraction lines


JXA 8230 X-ray microanalyser (JOEL)

Quantitative and qualitative analysis in micro-areas by energy-dispersive (EDS) technique and wavelength dispersive(WDS) analysis with particular account of light elements,
Detection limits:
  • 10 - 100 ppm for heavy elements (from Na to U),
  • 100 - 500 ppm for light elements (from Be to F),
Surface analysis, X-ray elements distribution maps, linear analysis including examination of a matrix, inclusions and microstructural discontinuities,
Microstructure analysis by EBSD, technique including determination of orientation of particular grains and their size.


LSR- 3 Measuring System

Measurements of electric resistance by the dc four-terminal method, measurement of thermoelectric power (Seebeck coefficient)
Temperature range from - 100°C to 1100°C
Measurement of thermoelectric power