Zakład Materiałów Funkcjonalnych

Vacuum induction furnace VIM-LAB 2,5 - 20

  • Temperature of liquid alloy: up to 2000°C.
  • Non-contact system for measuring temperature of a material under melting.
  • Possibility of charge melting under protective gas atmosphere
  • Ceramic and graphite crucibles can be used
Charge mass 0,7 - 2,5 kg
Maximum under-pressure 10x5-5mbara
Possibility of melting highly-reactive elements


Vacuum induction furnace VIM-LAB 50-60

Charge mass 10 - 50 kg
Maximum under-pressure 10x5-5mbara


Arc furnace MAM-1

Charge mass 5 - 20 kg
Maximum temperature of a liquid alloy 3500°C
Arc current 3A - 180A
Protective atmosphere high-purity argon
Possibility of melting highly-reactive elements


Planetary mill Pulverisette 6(Fritsch)

  Planetary mill
Pulverisette 6 (Fritsch)
Rotary speed up to 600 rev/min


Amorphous ribbon casting machines


Laboratory melt spinner (IMN)

production capacity up to 2 kg/cycle
maximum rotary speed of a wheel 1300 rev/min
maximum ribbon width 20 mm

High capacity experimental melt spinner (IMN)

production capacity do 20 kg/cykl
maximum rotary speed of a wheel 2000 obr/min
maximum ribbon width 20 mm
  • principle of operation based on a supply of liquid metal onto the bottom surface of metal wheel
  • computer-controlled casting process

High capacity experimental melt spinner (IMN)

production capacity up to 150 g/cycle
maximum rotary speed of a wheel 1300 rev/min
maximum ribbon width 10 mm
  • casting under protective gas atmosphere
  • computer-controlled casting process


Heat treatment


Vertical laboratory furnace for thermo-magnetic treatment (IMN)

Maximum temperature of treatment 600°C
Maximum magnetic field transverse - 160 kA/m,
longitudinal - 5 kA/m
Maximum core diameter 70 mm
Process control Manual or automatic
  • enables heat treatment of cores under transverse or longitudinal magnetic field or without a field
  • treatment under protective atmosphere
  • possibility of simultaneous treatment of cores up to 3 kg in overall mass

Vertical laboratory furnace for thermo-magnetic treatment (IMN)

Maximum temperature of treatment 650°C
Maximum magnetic field 160 kA/m
Cooling rate 5 – 40°C/min
Process control Manual or automatic
  • enables heat treatment of cores under transverse magnetic field or without a field

High-capacity furnace for heat treatment and thermo-magnetic treatment (Heraus)

Temperature of treatment up to 800°C
Cooling rate 5 – 10°C/min
Protective atmosphere argon or nitrogen
Mass of simultaneously treated
  • up to 600 kg (without longitudinal magnetic field)
  • up to 300 kg (treatment under longitudinal magnetic field)

High-temperature HT 1800 furnace (Linn High Therm GmbH)

Furnace dimensions 110 mm x 170 mm x 160 mm
Enables controlled cooling/heating of the materials within the temperature range of 100°C - 1820°C
  • application of suitable reducing atmosphere enables conducting processes with highly corrosive materials, and with explosive and highly flammable materials
  • operation without protective atmosphere possible
  • an additional system mounted in the furnace enables material heating under ultra-clean protective atmosphere

Próżniowy piec do obróbki cieplnej

Max. temperatura obróbki 1400°C
Max. średnica próbki 30mm
Sterowanie procesem obróbki automatyczne
  • zobróbka w podciśnieniu rzędu 5x10-5 mbar
  • możliwa obróbka w atmosferze ochronnej


Professional line for preparation of metallographic micro-sections (STRUERS)


Secotom 15

The Secotom-150 is high performance table-top cut-off machine, which successfully combines the latest precision cutting technology with flexibility and user-friendliness. It enables precise and deformation-free cutting of: metals, ceramics, composites, sintered carbides, electronic components, crystals biomaterial, minerals etc.

Tegramin 25

The Tegramin preparation system is characterized by innovative solutions, which improve preparation results and help to deal with a variety of specimens or materials. Its sturdy and durable design ensures high preparation quality and reliable operation. Automatic process control system warrants high reproducibility of results. Due to application of modern grinding wheels Tegramin enables preparation of materials from 30 HV to 2000 HV in hardness.

Cito Press 10

The CitoPress-10 is an advanced, electro-hydraulic, programmable single cylinder mounting press suitable for hot mounting of materials up to 20 mm in diameter. The CitoPress-10 offers total process control and database facilities.


Production grinding machine (FAS Glowno)

Dimensions of electromagnetic table 200 mm x 500 mm
stroke of the headstock of grinding mill 0,01 mm - 0,1 mm
(single-sided, automatic)
table travel speed up to 800 mm/min
headstock rotary speed 2000 rev/min


Laser Cutting System FB 750 (CadCam Technology)

highest-class industrial CO2 laser source
ApS-Ethos control software enabling import of projects from popular CAD programs
maximum cutting depth in plastic material: 12 mm
enables cutting metal strips up to 40 μm thick


Impulse magnetiser K-series (Magnet-Physik GmbH)

Max. energy 5000 Ws/10000 Ws
Max. voltage 2000 V
Max. current 25 000 A


DSC 404C Pegasus calorimeter (Netzsch)

  • DTA – differential thermal analysis
  • DSC – differential scanning calorimetry
  • DSC-CP – differential scanning calorimetry with the possibility of determination of specific heat capacity
operating temperature -150°C to 1500°C
atmosphere backing vacuum and argon atmosphere
capacity of crucibles (PtRh,Al2O3) max. 85 ml
heating/cooling rate (K/min) 0,1 – 50
operation modes isothermal and/or linear heating/cooling

The DTA and DSC measurements enable:

  • identification and analysis of phase transformations occurring in a solid and liquid state
  • determination of characteristic temperatures of phase transformations
  • determination of temperature dependence of the specific heat
  • determination of heat (enthalpy) of phase transformations in a solid and liquid state
  • determination of kinetic parameters of phase transformations in a solid and liquid state
  • determination of temperature dependence of thermo-physical properties of metals, alloys and ceramic materials, which is helpful in computer simulation of the processes of solidification and self-cooling , and important in casting practice


DIL 402 C dilatometer (Netzsch)

operating temperature up to 1600°C
maximum sample size ф12 mm x 50 mm (diameter x length)
heating/cooling rate (K/min) 0,1 – 50
Measurement conducted in protective atmosphere
determination of thermal expansion characteristics of the materials in a solid, powdered and liquid form determination of melting point, softening point, sintering point and vitrification temperature of a material under test


DIL 402 C dilatometer (Magnet-Physik GmbH)

computer-controlled system for determination of hysteresis loops of hard magnetic materials such as
  • AlNiCo
  • ferrites
  • rare-earth metals (e.g. samarium-cobalt, neodymium-iron-boron etc.)
  • possibility of measuring different-shape samples without the need to determine cross-section area
  • enables determination of such magnetic parameters as remanence, coercivity and maximum energy
  • computer-aided analysis of the measurements data, including demagnetization curve and hysteresis loop
  • measurements can be made at the temperatures up to 1500oC


Remacomp C-100 measurement system (Magnet-Physik GmbH)

Enables determination of dynamic magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials
parameters measured

magnetic induction Bm
remanence Br
coercivity Hc
power losses Ps
magnetic permeability μ

frequency range 10 Hz - 400 kHz
excitation types sine, triangle, square, ramp
measurements can be made within a temperature range of -150°C to 350°C
shape of samples
  • rings (фi 15 mm – 50 mm, фo 20 mm – 100 mm),
  • rings with air gap,
  • strip (measurement at 50 Hz only)


Impedance analyser Agilent 4294A with a fixture for magnetic measurements

  • enables determination of frequency characteristics of complex magnetic permeability of soft magnetic materials
  • enables determination of cut-off frequency of magnetic materials based on Snoek criterion
frequency range 40 Hz - 110 MHz
dimensions of toroidal cores measured

internal diameter ≥ 5 mm

external diameter ≤ 20 mm

heigh ≤ 8.5 mm


Urządzenie do bezpośredniego pomiaru efektu magnetokalorycznego (AMT&C, Ltd)

Umożliwia wyznaczanie efektu magnetokalorycznego metodą bezpośrednią
Zakres temperatur 150 K – 370 K
Zakres pomiaru efektu magnetokalorycznego od 0,1 K
Stabilność temperatury w czasie pomiaru 0,1 K
Zakres pola magnetycznego w czasie pracy 0,02 – 1,8 T
Szybkość zmian pola magnetycznego do 6 T/s
Wymiary próbek (min-max) (1-2)x(2-5)x(8-10) mm
Możliwość pomiaru w trybie automatycznym i manualnym