General information

Centrum BIAMAT


zostało utworzone w 2009 roku w ramach podzadania 2.2 Programu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka, a obecnie funkcjonuje w strukturze Zakładu Materiałów Funkcjonalnych Instytutu Metali Nieżelaznych w Gliwicach.


BIAMAT Centre mission:

consolidate scientific community and to create joint research and technological background with the participation of leading Polish research centres to enable carrying research at a world level on advanced materials and technologies for functional applications in national economy. The Centre is intended to be available to the whole scientific community, both Polish and foreign, conducting research on innovative materials and technologies.

Potencial of the BIAMAT Centre is the following:

  • Staff: highest-class researchers
  • Many scientific publications, patents, practical implementations, awards and distinctions,
  • Modern research instrumentation and technological background,
  • Many-years of experience in conducting research,
  • Experience in performing national and international projects,
  • Wide cooperation with Polish and foreign research centres,
  • Cooperation with the industry,
  • Accreditation granted by the Polish Centre of Accreditation in the area of magnetic measurements.

BIAMAT Centre activity areas:

  • New materials and technologies for power electronics, electrical engineering and automotive industry,
  • Modern amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetic components for power electronics and electrical engineering,
  • Innovative technological solutions for HVAC&R industries,
  • Metallurgy of highly-reactive alloys,
  • Application of modern technologies for the production of nanomaterials.